Bundles Creative Creations

Bundles Creative Creations is SouthWestern Ontarios exclusive authorized dealer for the Heirloom Traditions Paint product line that was developed to make it easy to create handmade heirloom furniture finishes — even for the novice painter.

These are chalk-free chalk-type paints with low VOCs, odorless for indoor use, water-based for easy clean up, and 100% made in the USA.  Everything used in the product is a natural product and recyclable (even the containers are made from recyclable plastics).  The paint is suitable for wood, metals, ceramics, and leather and available in more than 50 fashionable colors.

The product line includes antiquing waxes, aging powders, oval head dense bristle brushes, primer/sealer, and top coats for sealing and protecting surfaces.  Several new products have also been introduced, including metallic finishes, staining gels, a fabric primer/sealer, transfer/decoupage product, and texturing medium.

Bundles Creative Creations is located Strathroy Ontario southwest of  London Ontario and sells Heirloom Traditions Paint’s complete product line.   We strive to stock the most popular colors of paints and waxes, and our inventory is replenished as frequently as needed.  A color, size or product quantity that is not in our inventory can be ordered and shipped directly to you by using our online portal (see Shop Now button above) to Heirloom Traditions Paint.

We also sell repurposed furniture, typically painted with Heirloom Traditions Paint, with an emphasis on “small to medium size” furniture pieces that can be easily accommodated in apartments, lofts, or in homes built at least 20 years ago.  The inventory varies from time to time and is usually limited in quantity due to our primary business as a paint dealer.  Our offerings also may include accessories or furnishings such as table linens, lamps, picture frames, bulletin or message boards, etc.  We try to be very selective in what we offer.